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Joe Bohack:
V.I.P Special Things. As V.I.P ($15 USD) you can do some things that user's can't do, which makes it quite special.
Here are some of the special things V.I.P gets.

~Donater Shop!
~Donator Cosmetics!
~Donator Room!
~50% off on many NPCs!
~V.I.P Custom Tag!
~Forums V.I.P Rank!
~New Quest's!
~VIP Jeep Mobile Bank!
~VIP Boss Arena Access!
~Cheaper Teleport Scrolls!
~& More

1: Do not scam in any way!
2: V.I.P Rule - Do not resell anything bought In V.I.P Zone to others! (May get rank revoked)
3: Do not hack, it may result in a permanent ban!
4: Do not beg for things, unless the player is fine with it!
5: Do not cast out any DDos Threats!
6: Exploiting in any way may result in a ban!
7: Do not loophole any rule!
8. Make sure to use common sense!
9: Do not advertise other servers!
11: If a player ask's you to stop being racist, please stop!
12: Do not abuse powerleveling!
13: Do not kill steal if asked not to!
14: Have Fun!


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