Author Topic: Assorted GWRP Feedback/Suggestions  (Read 11815 times)


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Assorted GWRP Feedback/Suggestions
« on: April 25, 2020, 05:19:10 am »
Hey, I saw the server was up and have been playing it for the last couple days. Obviously the server has some issues with its population, but that's not what this thread is about.

A lot of the changes are good. I think 3x smooths out progression somewhat, the game has gone from being incredibly grindy to being moderately grindy. The introduction of some genuine endgame or alternate progression paths would be nice (something like mechs or ARC). Capping gangs at 3 is a good change, it encourages smaller closeknit groups of actual friends instead of 2-3 megagangs containing all of the active players. I'd perhaps consider a cap of 4-5 instead moving forwards, so gangs feel more like gangs. Mining feels less grindy.

With the removal of coolers, rate increasers and amounts seem out of place, and should probably just be removed. Not needing to constantly babysit your printers is nice, but being able to AFK constantly and get XP/cash is a bit of a problem- if the storage of printers was capped to 10-15m or so active play would be rewarded without blowing up people's printers for stepping away at all.

The Terrorist role should probably be removed if plutoniom is gone, there's not much point to it. Cyber Security is able to steal from gang printers and recieve the money personally, which lets gang printers be used to farm 'real' money- gang printers should either be unhackable or give the hacker's gang the cash. Drug growers should be able to gravgun seeds rather than use the physgun.

With the removal of fragments, slot machines seem to be bugged. They barely pay out, and when they do it's only a cash reward that's less than the cost of playing. Slots should reward bars instead with the new mining system.

The skill system is bad and should probably just be removed, there's no interesting choices in how you spec your skills and a lot of them seem pointless or like filler. Otherwise, reworking it to actually let you specialise your character's role in fights and PVP could be interesting.