Author Topic: [Staff Application] Anar - GangwarsRP  (Read 1697 times)


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[Staff Application] Anar - GangwarsRP
« on: December 27, 2019, 04:18:29 am »
Discord Username - Anar#4951
Steam Username - Alynisa
SteamID - STEAM_0:0:37733252
Date of entry into the Underdone Community - December 2019
What Underdone server are you applying to be staff for? - GangwarsRP
What do you hope to achieve in your time as Underdone staff? - As staff I'd hope to achieve a fair and friendly game environment for the Underdone community. I'd like to make sure that players abide by the rules to keep the overall play fun and fair for all those partaking - of course this includes: Enforcing Server Rules, Helping players, Guiding new players, and so  on.
When are you able to be on our servers? - Nearly all hours, 24/7
What can you bring to the Underdone Community? - I've been a fan of the GangWarsRP community for quite some time, and have been looking for an outlet for my GWRP addiction, I'm happy to become a part of a new and prospering GWRP community, and can bring my knowledge and guidance that I've accumulated over the years from playing this gamemode, to better peoples gameplay experiences, and help new players. I hope to keep this community competitive, but at the same time enjoyable, and relaxed, so that all players can enjoy themselves on the gamemode they've binged on and longed for all these years.
What can distinguish you from other players and staff members? - My dedication to keep the community healthy, and overall love for the gamemode itself. I've been present for nearly every GWRP release from SWRP and so on-
Anything else to add - I look forward to enjoying what this server has to offer, including all the new/old players, and what they might bring to the table, this time around.