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[Staff Aplication] Brandonn GangWarsRP
« on: December 23, 2019, 09:08:08 pm »
Discord Username -Brandon Buckley#4605
Steam Username - Brandonn
SteamID -
Date of entry into the Underdone Community - 12/24/19
What Underdone server are you applying to be staff for? - GangWarsRP
What do you hope to achieve in your time as Underdone staff? - To help keep and maintain a healthy player base, my main goal is to make the new players of the community want to stay and not feel sectioned out because gang war is a lot to digest for a new player and I am more than capable of explaining the ins and outs of the game mode since I have spent way over 4 years playing the game mode including all the remakes and relaunches, I am a very confident person, and I enjoy teaching people, which is one of my goals during my time with Underdone.
When are you able to be on our servers? - When I ever I wake up since I have finished college and I don't start work yet for another 5 weeks
What can you bring to the Underdone Community? - I can bring a loyal and trustworthy staff member with lots of experience in Garry's mod, I a have been described as a friendly character and I feel like gang wars needs a lot more friendly people since Gangwars has a Toxic stigma around it
What can distinguish you from other players and staff members? - Well other than 4000 hours of Gmod playtime I've moderated a lot of communities including my own I have a lot of experience dealing with troublesome players and I know how to keep my cool when it is needed, I'm not one to overreact or lose my temper to a "mingy player"
Anything else to add - I also like to say thank you for taking your own time reading through this application. - Brandon
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