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[Template] Demotion Request
« on: November 23, 2018, 12:52:27 am »
If you feel an administrator is using their powers improperly or abusively, please use this template listed below and make the thread in Report Abuse.

Code: [Select]
Thread Title: [Demotion Request] <NAME> <SERVER>

[b]Staff Member(s) Name:    [/b]

[b]Staff Member(s) SteamID:    [/b]

[b]What Did The Staff Member(s) do?:    [/b]

[b]What Server(s) Was This On?:    [/b]

[b]Evidence:    [/b]

We never expect our staff members to use their powers in a disadvantage or an abusive way. However, if you find them doing this post a request immediately; for the safety of our community and servers. All information must be valid. Invalid/Framing evidence on the staff member will result in a punishment to the person who made the thread.