Author Topic: [Unban Appeal] <DrewLikesGamin> <Gangwarsrp>  (Read 8712 times)


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[Unban Appeal] <DrewLikesGamin> <Gangwarsrp>
« on: February 14, 2020, 01:32:35 pm »
Name – DrewLikesGamin
Steam-ID - STEAM_0:0:177229734
Admin’s Name – HOBO
Reason – Talking about Irl selling and buying / Mass Rdm
Server – Gangwarsrp
Time – Doesn’t Say
Story – Tackling the first situation about me talking about irl buying and selling davinci accused me of irl buying to which I made a joke about it saying I didn’t but I would sale as long as joe gets a cut. I include the joe part to make sure to all parties that I was joking and making sure it was in ooc so it was apparent that I wasn’t actually trying to make a deal then beep and me started talking about exchanging chicken nuggets for gear as another joke. I misunderstood the rules about irl selling and buying I didn’t think that making jokes about the topic was banned and only thought the actual acts and mens rea of trying sell irl/buy was banned. I just didn’t have any clarification on this rule as its not even in the server rules and I thought I was being cautious enough to talk about in a parody fashion as to draw a line on my own personal thoughts and actions and those comedic statements I wrote in ooc.
   Now Talking about Mass RDM I don’t know who stated this but I didn’t Mass RDM all the death and kills have been coming from BeepBoop and Niga or other friends I have the only person that felt offended and deemed it rdm was Davinci which was 1 count I understand that I shouldn’t shoot people that don’t view me as a friend such as Davinci and I full accept responsibility for that Single RDM Count.
Proof – Joe has chat logs about the ooc situation
Extra Information – I Hope that this situation brings awareness to the to Irl selling/buying and how it is a topic not to speak of at all and that it is an extreme banable offensive people can learn from my fault.
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Re: [Unban Appeal] <DrewLikesGamin> <Gangwarsrp>
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